MADONNA Celebration - 2009 EU 4LP Set (9362-49729-3)              

2010 E.U. 36-track 4xLP set in gatefold picture sleeve.

Manufactured in the E.U.


180 gram audiophile vinyl records.


This E.U. edition is revised and does not contain well known remastering errors.

Editing errors in "Erotica" and "Cherish" were corrected here. Actually there's no mistake in editing of "Erotica" on 3:27,
and words in the end of "Cherish" are not mixed and we hear:
"Cherish your strength / I could never forget to"
Earlier error on U.S. version:
"Cherish your strength / Can't get away, I won't let you".

Run-out-groove MTX No.:

Disc 1 Side A: B989914-01 A1 MK

Disc 1 Side B: B989914-01 B1 MK

Disc 2 Side C: B989914-02 C1 MK

Disc 2 Side D: B989914-02 D1 MK

Disc 3 Side E: B989914-03 E1 MK

Disc 3 Side F: B989914-03 F1 MK

Disc 4 Side G: B989914-04 G1 MK

Disc 4 Side H: B989914-04 H1 MK


Click here to see the cheap production U.S. edition issued

only on 120 gram vinyl records and with remastering errors.


MADONNA Celebration - 2009 EU 4LP Set (9362-49729-3)

MADONNA Celebration - 2009 EU 4LP Set (9362-49729-3)